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647 Bench Road Directions: Exit Trans Canada Highway #1 at LaFontaine/Golden Donald Upper Road. At traffic circle, follow signs for Golden Donald Upper Road. Travel approximately 3km, passing Cromac Ridge Road. Travel one more minute to Bench Road. Turn right onto Bench Road and follow it through the gate for #647, up a very long and steep hill. We recommend 4×4 vehicles in winter. Registered guests only.

Answers to common questions

Can my dietary needs be accommodated?

We accommodate most dietary needs with a minimum 48 hours’ notice so we can shop and prepare foods best suited to you. Help us out by giving us an idea of what your preferences are.

Are children allowed?

At this time, we cannot accommodate children under the age of 16.

How long is the drive?

From Calgary, it is approximately 3 hours.

From Vancouver, it is approximately 9 hours.

Popular tourist destinations, like Banff National Park, vary from 45 minutes to 2 hours drive depending on where you are going.

Can I bring my pet?

We really adore animals. In fact, we have 2 cats of our own. However, we’ve decided to keep our guest suites pet-free to allow those with allergies to be as comfortable as everyone else, and to reduce the amount of extra cleaning that would be necessary after a pet’s stay. In future, we will be offering self-contained cabins, and those cabins will indeed be pet friendly. So for now, regrettably we can’t welcome Fido or Fluffy. Sorry!

Is there carpet in the house?

Our floors are concrete, hardwood, and porcelain tile. On top of those, in some areas like at the foot of the bed, we have small area rugs that are vacuumed daily.

When is breakfast served?

Breakfast is only served at our dining table when Covid-19 transmission risks are no longer a threat and physical distancing is not required.

In normal times, breakfast is available by request for an additional fee. Breakfast is typically available at 8:30am.

What’s for breakfast?

During Covid-19 restrictions, we will not be serving guests breakfast at our dining table. We will, however, provide quality complimentary continental foods in-room.

In normal times, a free continental buffet will be provided. Hot plated foods will be available for an extra charge.


Can I use your kitchen?

Our entire ground floor is off-limits for guests, except at breakfast time when the dining table and buffet will be open. The rest of the space, including our kitchen, is for our private use only. Please respect our space. Thank you.

What do I do in an emergency situation?

There are times when we may not be available or reachable (eg 9pm to 6am). If you have a medical or security emergency, please call 911 and direct ambulance or police to 647 Bench Road (just south of Barber).



Can I light candles in my room?

Due to our remote location, we cannot obtain fire department services in case of an emergency. So PLEASE, no open flames of any kind. This means: no candles, no incense, no smudge, no smoking.



Can I smoke on the property?

We are not opposed to smokers or vaping, but we insist that any such activity take place outside away from public areas where smoke may drift into the house through open windows or doors, or where other guests may be venturing. You may smoke on your patio or balcony but doors and windows must be closed when doing so. Please dispose of your smoke waste product responsibly in outdoor receptacles intended for this purpose (not down the toilet or in waste baskets). Thank you for not littering and respecting our property.



Can I drink alcohol on the property?

We are not licensed so we cannot provide alcohol for free or for sale. However, you are permitted to consume alcohol responsibly in your own suite as you wish.


Guests in the suite beside me are loud. What do I do?

While we encourage guests to have a great time, we are committed to providing solitude for all, and will not tolerate any excessive noise (music, TV, talking, or shouting etc), obscene behaviours or language, and so forth. We ask for common courtesy in keeping noise and volumes as low as possible so as not to disturb other patrons (or us!) in our home. If you find that other guests are causing disruption, please let us know and we will provide a reminder. If the reminder is not heeded, the guest can expect eviction without a refund.


What are your policies and guest house etiquette?

Good question! Warm, personalized service and mingling among traveling guests are part of the appeal of guest houses. But hospitality goes both ways. As in life, communication and common courtesy are key. Here are some tips:

  • Let us know in advance of your arrival what you like or don’t like. For example, we’d like to prepare for any dietary restrictions, food allergies, and special requests you might have. Maybe you don’t like onions or prefer a low carb meal? Tell us about it. Disclose your arrival and departure times too, and if you’re running late or get lost, please tell us!
  • Please take off your outdoor shoes or boots at the entrance. Bring slippers if you do not like to walk bare footed or in socks. This is our home, not a hotel and we wish to keep outdoor dirt outside.
  • Are you celebrating? Let us help you plan something fun for an anniversary or birthday. Just give us as much advance notice as possible.
  • Breakfast is available by request for additional fee.
  • Dress code? There’s isn’t one. Having said that, it’s common etiquette NOT to walk around our house naked, in your underwear, towel, or lingerie, or other such revealing attire. Please dress in street clothes for breakfast. Much appreciated.
  • If you made a mess or spilled something in the room or common area, please tell us. You won’t be shamed; we’re human after all and accidents happen. We will come to clean it up right away. No worries at all.
  • If you’re shy at the breakfast table with people you don’t know, get the conversation rolling by asking other guests where they’ve come from, where they are traveling to, have they been here before, what sights they’d recommend, and so forth. You may find you have common interests and the conversation will progress easily from there. Just stay away from topics of religion and politics!
  • We are on a septic system. Please do not ever flush inappropriate items down the toilet. There’s no discreet way to say this so apologies to anyone who’s offended with this plea …ONLY toilet tissue, pee and poop go down the toilet. No condoms, towels, rags, feminine hygiene products, floss, wrappers, smoker’s waste product etc. EVER! Our pipes and septic system will clog and backwash into the house. Not pleasant at all.
  • Please limit your showers to 10 minutes or less to help us conserve precious water resources.
  • As an eco-sensitive home, we practice a linen re-use policy. Please hang towels on hooks provided and re-use them. On the fourth night of your stay (if you’re staying 6 or more nights), we will change out the bedsheets and towels fully. This program helps us save on water, detergents entering the eco-system, and electricity usage.
  • This is bear country (and cougar and wolf etc). Do not leave any food items in your vehicle and be sure to lock your vehicle doors, as well as the house doors, when you come/go. Keep us all safe from wild intruders, thank you.
What activities are there in Golden?

You can start your activity quest by using Tourism Golden’s website and their interactive planner. You can also drop in at the Visitor’s Centre for brochures. The highlight of a trip to Golden is the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort gondola. There are also many premier sports shops, tour guides, and rental companies in town.