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Cinnamon (True Ceylon, Organic)

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Certified Organic & Raw.

Product of Madagascar.

This is real cinnamon, not a cheap knock-off like harsh cassia that you buy at groceries stores. Very delicate aroma and taste. We use Ceylon Cinnamon exclusively in our Cinnamon Honey Pots for best health and taste experience.

8oz or 4oz resealable bag

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Product Description

Ceylon Cinnamon is the real thing. Don’t be fooled by impostors! What you’ve got in your kitchen right now is quite likely a mimicker cinnamon, known as Cassia, with a label from Saigon Vietnam, Indonesia, India or China. It has a very strong aroma, is dark in colour, and sharp in taste.

But there is only one real cinnamon, and it’s called Ceylon True Cinnamon, Cinnamomum zeylanicu found predominantly in Sri Lanka.

You will find its flavor to be quite distinct from cassia cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon has a much lower volatile oil content, between 1 and 2%, and its flavor has a subtle complexity that you won’t experience with the stronger, spicier cassia. You might even notice the delicate flavor of citrus interwoven in the scent of this cinnamon. The light, intricate flavor of Ceylon cinnamon makes it the cinnamon of choice for dishes which do not have a lot of conflicting flavors competing. It will star in such dishes as custard, cinnamon ice cream, Dutch pears, stewed rhubarb, steamed puddings, dessert syrups, or mixed into whipped cream.

The tightly-rolled quills, or sticks, are very delicate. They feel like parchment paper, which you can break apart with your fingertips. This is the preferred cinnamon in Europe and Mexico. It’s often called for in pickling, spiced pears or peaches, and in the brewing of hot cocoa.

Ceylon Cinnamon
Cassia Cinnamon
A highly valued culinary and medicinal spice. Price can be up to 10 times more than the Cassia/Chinese cinnamon.
Commonly available and very cheap. You get a large bag of the sticks for less than a dollar.
Contains a small, negligible amount of coumarin, a naturally ocurring blood-thinning substance. Recommended for regular use, eg for correcting blood sugar level.
Contains a high level of coumarin content which can be harmful for the liver and kidney when consumed daily or regularly.
Tan brown in colour.
Reddish dark brown.
Thin and paper-like textured bark that forms multiple layers when rolled up.
Uneven thick bark that forms only a few layers when rolled up.
Fragile, easily broken.
Tough, difficult (if not impossible) to grind to powder with an electric home kitchen grinder.
Delicate, sweet with subtle notes of clove.
Pungent, full-bodied taste.

Additional Information

Weight .240 kg
Dimensions 8 x 10 x 4 cm

8oz Powder, 4oz Chips

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I purchased the Ceylon Quills and they have a beautiful texture to them. They are so delicate and fine. Product such as this brings such a pleasure to the preparation of culinary creations.

    • :

      Ceylon cinnamon is hard to find, particularly in powdered format. However Ceylon quills are easily crushed or ground to make a healthy spice addition for daily consumption, without the detrimental effects Cassia type has (excessively high coumarin levels).

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