Welcome Back to the Land!

We are part of an urban, suburban and yes, even rural, revolution, collectively known as back to the landers. This movement is growing strong, and welcomes all age groups from every walk of life. Diversity notwithstanding, we do share a common philosophy that binds us: a yearning for a return to traditional, wholesome, healthful ways of living that promote harmony through responsible stewardship of land, air, and wildlife. The products we offer reflect our belief in biodiversity and agri-organic principles. We’ve tried, tested, tasted, sniffed and applied every single product we sell. Some items will never meet our high standards, like those made from petroleum, or sourced from industries known to have unconscionable labour practices. Some items fail over time and are quickly removed. With this type of vigilance, you’ll never have to wonder what you’re breathing, consuming, or where it came from.

New Products!

Out with the old – in with the new! We welcome many changes through 2017, particularly with our goal to open a B&B in Summer 2017. It is our hope that you will follow us as we transition our business. Thank you for your continued patronage.

Based on your feedback and suggestions, we’ve done away with less inspiring products to make room for all the high quality goodies that benefit your bodily health and state of mind. We continue to stock the most popular items such as:

– A large variety of Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from around the world to complement your medicine cabinet. We have certificates and data sheets available for each essential oil we sell to authenticate the purity claims.

– Healthy & Gluten Free Foods, which includes Bulletproof brand MCT oil, Algonquin Wild Crafted Herbal Teas, Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate & Gelatin Joint Care from GRASS-FED cows, Ceylon True Cinnamon, and delicious Primal Kitchen Avocado Mayonnaise that is gluten-free, soy-free, and canola-free.

– We also recently added Canadian Heritage Certified Organic Maple Syrup in 3 colour grades. Maple syrup is now known to have no less than 54 antioxidants, and is not damaged by heat (unlike enzymes in honey)!

– Skin care by LaVigne Organics in BC has proven itself to us time and time again with MAYAN MAGIC. We love it. You love it.  All of the “magic” line is made with organic tree bark oil called Tepezcohuite, blended with soothing shea butter. The Mayans used tepezcohuite powder to heal skin, from eczema, burns, bites, rashes, even signs of aging!

– All natural totally non-toxic Nature’s Garden Incense, hand made in an Ashram in India, with essential oils, now available in 12 lovely light fragrances in sticks or cones. Complementing this is a large variety of unique accessories for your incense & candle burning needs, such as lanterns, tea light holders, incense boxes, soapstone ash catchers, wick trimmers and snuffers etc.

100% Pure Canadian Beeswax Candles

Did you know that not all candles marketed as beeswax are pure? A loophole in labeling laws allows candles that contain a paltry 10% beeswax to be marketed as beeswax candles. This is outrageous! The other 90% is typically petroleum (paraffin) which is a grey sludge crude oil by-product made white with chlorine bleach and sundry filler additives. Yuk! Look for labels that indicate “100% PURE BEESWAX”. Furthermore, enhance your immune system and clean the air in your house by simply burning our 100% pure beeswax candles. How is this possible? Instead of spending a significant amount of money on an electronic machine that artificially generates negative ions, burn 100% natural and pure beeswax candles made from clean, high quality, beeswax. Costs only pennies to burn compared to paraffin. This special beeswax naturally produces negative ions when burned and leaves a sweet but subtle honey aroma. This is important in your quest to live more healthily because negative ions stick to harmful free radicals and bacteria in the air. They are weighted down and drop to the floor where you can vacuum them away, thereby avoiding inhalation or ingestion. Pure beeswax is the only type of beeswax that emits negative ions. Don’t be fooled by other, so-called, beeswax candles that are mixed with paraffin and other petroleum fillers. Always look for 100% pure beeswax.

At Back To The Land, we want to ensure you have options available to utilize the highest quality natural and organic products available in Canada, for better health and a better environment.